“Hopeless” by Psychic Twin (Music video by Tomas Uribe, Alex Gilwit, and Ben Fausch)

Hopeless Interactive Music Video

Directed by Tomas Uribe.

Animations by Alex Gilwit.

Edited by Ben Fausch.

Co-directed by Alex Gilwit and Ben Fausch.


This interactive music video, inspired by the song “Hopeless” by Brooklyn-based artist, Psychic Twin, tells the story of two longing friends – a robot and a bird – , which amidst a psychedelic atmosphere of stars, space, planets, and a wormhole, seem to find each other in a far away planet and reunite. The storyline has multiple ways it can develop, but only one final outcome. Rather than having the user choose multiple was of understanding the story, we aimed for a more minimalistic concept, where the user can select the character s/he can view the story from, and this way experience the different technologies used throughout the video. With a set of animations created by Alex, and supported by footage done with a blue screen, we experimented with several video techniques such as overlapping footage sources, keying colors, and the dual presence of the singer seen from the point of view of the Kinect and the DSLR.


The music video was created with a Microsoft Kinect, GoPro, Canon 550D, and animations and made interactive using the interactive platform Interlude.fm. The overarching goal of the project was definitely accomplished, even though we were experimenting with the multi-node storytelling technique (Interlude.fm), the workflow of the shooting and editing was straightforward and easy to manage. Sorting out the editing process and having a clear pathway of possible story lines was very helpful to figure out how to use at best the multiple clips. Synchronizing the video with the soundtrack (“Hopeless”) was another challenging task, since depending on the node selected by the user, the timing of the scenes would change constantly, since one story line affected the other when not being used.

Overall, the use of these technologies and platform gave way to questioning the world of interactivity within a musical context. Being musicians ourselves and artists, we think the amount of possibilities that these types of technologies and level of interactivity generate are endless and encourage constant experimentation.On a last note, we’re proud to say that Interlude wrote to us saying they really liked our project and were going to showcase it on their Playground section, which shares creative projects using the Interlude platform! Enjoy!



About Tomas Uribe

Composer & Media Entrepreneur from Bogota, Colombia. Full time bass player and producer, film score composer, video and documentary maker, social and digital media writer. Master of Arts in Media Studies at The New School University in New York.

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